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The followig projects and shares have been realized with assistance of numerous volunteers and not indifferent people

December 2018
- Project "New Year Holidays for children"
October 2018
- The project "Humanitarian aid"
June 2018
- People's diplomacy

Where  children from different regions of the country, the world, who by the will of fate, scorched by war, can meet and make friends?

Of course at joint events!
Today, children with disabilities, immigrant children, refugee children went on an excursion to the park of the Dinosaurs.
At the beginning, the children were greeted by the director of the Shevchenko-Ovsov park, Sergei Anatolyevich, and invited the children to move to the fascinating world of the past-the park of the Jurassic period.
A sea of ​​positive emotions, a fascinating story about prehistoric times from the "Odessa Dream" and the desire to pull the dinosaurs by the tail and feel like a winner!
We thank the mayor of Odessa, the director of the KP "Parks of Odessa" and the patrons for the opportunity for the children.
- Holiday of ice -cream in the park

If a friend went on the road

Cheerful road
Without friends, I slightly
And with friends a lot
What does the rain pour me?
When my friends are with me!
Holiday ice cream in the park. Shevchenko from KP "Parks of Odessa" passed with smiles, incendiary dances and relay races and tasty ice cream.
We are grateful  the head of the park-Sergei Ovsov for the invitation to take part in the holiday and the favorite ice cream treat.
April 2018
- Sport Festival within the WEEK OF GOOD DEEDS

 Press conference of the opening of the Week of Good Deeds is the official start of 140 events that will please Odessa citizens in the next 8 weeks! Odessa City Council, Duma Square 1 today hosted representatives of public organizations, city structures, the media. Together we will make our city and its inhabitants more beautiful, happier and healthier! Who is with us? Choose from 8 areas of the campaign that is closer to you! Everyone can do a good deed! It is always said about children that they are our future, forgetting that children - they will become adults today and in the future, because we - adults should make them a little happier, give them joy today and now, while they are children. And our children are worthy of happiness and joy.

Our present, our concern and work is to make the children happy today.
This is our mission, our joy and our happiness. Join us and you will become happier, checked for yourself !!! -
- The week of good Deeds

 Press conference of the opening of the Week of Good Deeds is the official start of 140 events that will please Odessa citizens in the next 8 weeks! Odessa City Council, Duma Square 1 today hosted representatives of public organizations, city structures, the media. Together we will make our city and its inhabitants more beautiful, happier and healthier! Who is with us? Choose from 8 areas of the campaign that is closer to you! Everyone can do a good deed!

- The fest "Odessa in blakitnomy"

04.04.2018 NGO "Odessa Dream" took part in an interesting event. The festival "Odessa  in Blakitnomu" was held. It was devoted to the World Day of dissemination of information about autism.

Performance of young talents, music, information block, competitions, a warm sunny day and a lot of goodies could  see children  that wonderful day.
We are grateful  Oksana Krivonogov for the invitation to participate.
I would like to thank our partners and volunteers:
- NGO "Invalides of Hope in the Future" for the legendary, interesting performance of the creative team of small artists
- Volonteer Community for flash mob for kids
and Irina Kiseleva, an amazing mother and our assistant fairy on this holiday.
All together we made a good holiday for children.
March 2018
Children's Health

 Today NGO "Odessa Dream" launched a new project in the field of children's health, together with our partners

Children from socially unprotected and large families made an amazing journey into the history of dentistry and learned a lot of interesting and useful things on an excursion in the dental clinic EMPIRE DENTAL CLINIC.
During our excursion the boys and mothers visited the largest operating dental clinic in Odessa, accompanied by its immediate owner.
They saw a real dental laboratory and even managed to work with a real jaw. This excursion was interesting for adults and children.
A detailed story about dentistry and about "How does it all work?" was interested everyone from small to large.
The children underwent examination, enrolled for further admission and learned how to properly maintain the health of their teeth in order to have a magnificent smile.
We are grateful our partners EMPIRE DENTAL CLINIC for the help of children and we recommend that you contact the best specialists with the latest equipment.
February 2018
-Families from Austria to families from Ukraine

Today Charity Fund "Vid shpitalju to the front" - the leader Tatyana Bushnjaga, George Jachan and Victoria became visitors and patrons of art in the office of public organization "Odessa Dream".

The guys collected, handed over and brought things, toys, coloring to the children of Ukraine.
During the conversation with Tatyana and Georg it was revealed that food was also needed and the guys bought good food sets.
We thank our friends and patrons for their help.
- Our Maslennitsa 2018

According to the  good tradition,  NGO "Odessa Dream" has already been celebrating Maslennitsa for several years and collecting families with children for merry festivities.

Our good friends  "Parks of Odessa" for 3 years kindly provides assistance in the site of the shell, where children can run, dance and play around. NGO "Sport for All"  prepared and conducted energetic, interesting relay races for children.
Today, together with us, there were families of immigrants and our Odessa large families.
It is very pleasant that this year the children not only watched and played, but also performed on stage as artists.
All the children were treated to pancakes, tea.
It is very pleasant that our initiatives are supported not only by Odessa friends, but also by international partners from Europe.
Thank you for gifts for children.
January 2018
-The action of aid for children

Families with children urgently needed help  .

NGO "Odessa Dream" appealed to friends and they responded and supported our initiative.
We thank all who brought joy to the children.
- Cultural project - "Children's musical "Sweet Fairy Tale of the East"

 As part of cultural and entertainment projects, we continue the Christmas holidays and today NGO "Odessa Dream" together with the children from Odessa families and families of immigrants visited the children's musical "Sweet Fairy Tale of the East".

Dancing, musical, live communication with friends gave a wonderful mood to the children and their parents.
We thank ORG, the Department of Social Protection of the Population of Odessa Regional Administration,
personally Kovalenko Lilia Valentinovna for the tickets for children.
December 2017
- A creative master classes in the Christmas Residence of Good

3 days on New Year's Eve Public Association "Odessa Dream" holds creative master classes in the Christmas Residence of Good.

The children came from the center of social and psychological help with their mothers.
We have become friends for a long time and always invite children for interesting events. Every child today makes a beautiful New Year's toy with his own hands, along with an excellent master - Anna Chumak, told about his wishes to the Good Samaritan and looked at the Christmas cartoon.
Come to visit with children on December 27 and 28 at 14.00 - we continue to work wonders together.
November 2017
- The action "Smth that goes from one heart -another heart will achieve"

 NGO "Odessa Dream" would like to say that we have reached our mission: if the people whom we helped started helping other people one day, it means our activity is  from God and our thoughts and steps were right.

A few weeks ago we heard that the mothers of children who came to us from the East of Ukraine want to make gifts  themselves to children who live in the House of the Child. Of course we were only "for" in such a wonderful initiative.
Today in the House of the Child there was a celebration of  holiday"Autumn" and today we brought  cushions for children.
It is impossible to describe the total enthusiasm in the eyes of children, the interest in the whale or the fish or the pattern on the pillow. After all, it's not just pillows on which you can sit or lie, you can study shapes and patterns on them. And this is very important and informative!
Svetlana Lubenetskaya, Irina Prokhorenkova and Natalia Belasik -great respect and thank  you for your golden hands and initiative!
And I would like to say a special thank you to Leonid Ruban for the materials provided and for your responsiveness in helping the children.
To all who prepared pillows for the guys for your help and attention, I sincerely thank you.
For your good aspirations, let fate thank you. 
- Cultural project - "Holidays in the theatre"

 Today, children from large families, from families with children with special needs visited the theater.

We thank our friends and partners - NGO "Sport for All" for their cooperation and an interesting proposal.
NGO "Vera Nadezhda Lyubov" -You have united today under the roof of the wonderful theater of many children, have given the opportunity to plunge into the world of beauty and meet friends during  vacation.
Thank you very much.