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In full sail to the dream !!!

The logo of our organization shows a ship under sail. At first glance, it is small, but we invite on board everyone who loves life, sea, sun and freedom! All who cherish the smiles of children, and not just their own, all those who have hot indifferent heart and sensitive, responsive soul.

Our mission - to MAKE the dream. And not in the distant future, beyond the horizon, but today and tomorrow - on a daily basis. After all, dreams come true, if they seek when they implement. And make it simple wizards - the people who dedicate their lives to the service of good. We bring together parents and children, officials and volunteers, patrons  to the beating of many hearts, the warmth of many hands, many good words and deeds warmed warmth of those who today is not easy, in whose house the trouble came, those who lost their homes, but I did not lose hope for the realization of a dream and faith in the power of good, caring people. To assist, protect, to lead to the sun to light, heat and to give joy to the children hope, their parents, temporary migrants, all those who need support - this is our mission. Boarding "Odessa Dream" has plenty of space. Come i,  because these dreams have come true and they are true!


  • The promotion the strengthening of civil society in the overall concept of the state and society through participation in social dialogue and public authorities;
  • The implementation of public control over the activities of executive bodies and local authorities;
  • The promotion the implementation of organizational, informational activities in accordance with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine to ensure strict observance of the rule of law and transparency in the activities of all the constituent parts of the state authorities, law enforcement, prosecution and the courts, conditions for realization of the constitutional right to participate in public affairs;
  • The promotion the practical implementation of national, regional and local programs aimed at the prevention of corruption and protection of human rights;
  • The involvement in our activities the general public to actively impact on the statement of mutual understanding in the society and direct participation of citizens in the development of the Ukrainian state;
  • The strengthening by all lawful means the benefits and versatility of human morality;
  • The implementation of children's rights and defend their interests;
  • The promotion the performance of spiritual and educational work among the population;
  • The promotion the running  of events (congresses, meetings, conferences, etc.) to promote the universal morality;
  • The promotion the protection of civil, economic, social and cultural rights of women, children, youth, and implementation of relevant programs;
  • The promotion  the development and implementation of national programs:

- Development of culture and spirituality;

- Development and comprehensive support for the family as the foundation of the Ukrainian society and the state, protecting the rights and interests of children, single persons, orphans, the disabled, the elderly;

- Protecting the environment and promoting healthy lifestyles.