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About us

The Date of CreationMarch 26, 2014

Nomination - NGO "Family Laweducational club" Odessa Dream"  was created on  March 26, 2014 on the basis of joint activity to protect common interests and achieve the statutory goals of the associated citizens. Its work carries out under the Charter of organisation.

The purpose of the Public Association "Odessa Dream" is to unite the efforts of the NGO members to:

- realization of their constitutional rights (including participation in public affairs)

- implementation of public control over the activities of public authorities), as well as for the implementation and protection of the rights and freedoms

- implementation of protection of children's rights and defend their interests

- promotion of the spiritual and educational work among the population

- promotion of events (congresses, meetings, conferences) with the aim of promoting human morality

- promoting the development and implementation of national programs

- the development of culture and spirituality

- development and comprehensive support to the family as the foundation of Ukrainian society and the state, to protect the rights and interests of children, single people, orphans, the disabled, older people

- environmental protection and the promotion of healthy lifestyles

The direction of charitable activities - educational and awareness-raising programs, legal support, culture and social work (assistance of displaced families and children from socially vulnerable families)

We are working on the following programs

- Assistance of socially vulnerable families

- Assistance of families with children who find themselves in a difficult situation in the ATO zone

- Support of gifted children

- Assistance of disabled children

- Development of sports talents in Odessa

- Legal and social support

- Charity and philanthropy

- Development of civil society in Odessa

- Work with authorities of Odessa and Odessa region

Giving help and support, we do not give only material goods, but we give hope and faith!


Fyut Galina Vitalevna
Chairman of the Board, head of the organization
тел.: +38 (094)940-80-53
Chumak Anna Iosipovna
Co-founder, Chief of programs for organization of cultural, developmental and creative activities
Ishchenko Alexander V.
Associated partner.Director of the Department of protection of civil society
тел.: + 38 (094)940-80-53
Borgulenko Tatiana G.
The coordinator of works for Relief people and immigrants
Jana Logvina
Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs
тел.: +38 (073) 404-45-30
Irina Vlasova
Psychologist, coordinator of psychological and social assistance programs
Breus Irina
Programme Coordinator of assistance to the families of the sailors from the Crimea
Angelica Knyazkova
Employment Program Coordinator
тел.: +38 (073) 404-45-30
Tishenko Alexey
Associated partner-coordinator of programmes of aid from NGO "UAC"

Target audience (who exactly was given help)

  • socially vulnerable families
  • displaced families
  • disabled children
  • orphans
  • сhildren from poor families
  • old people
  • pregnant women


  • Odessa and Odessa region
  • Families from the area of ATO