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The followig projects and shares have been realized with assistance of numerous volunteers and not indifferent people

January 2016
- An action about issue of free children's permits in improving Odessa regional sanatorium "Small Valley" to mothers the having many children and temporarily displaced persons from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and also needing and needy families

In 20 days of work of January and the beginning of February the public organization "Odessa Dream" continued to do good causes with assistance of our partners and patrons. We thank Alina Tirnovenko for the following the provided 20 permits in sanatorium "SMALL VALLEY" for needy families, families of immigrants, and cadets from sea school. Children at the same time can receive training, develop and communicate.

We appreciate your cooperation!

- Delivery of humanitarian aid in a type of outerwear, bed linen, children's things, footwear and toys to temporarily displaced persons from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and also to mothers having many children, persons in need and needy families and persons.

The public organization "Odessa dream" continues to help socially unprotected segments of the population of Odessa.

In spite of the fact that we actively continue to help temporarily displaced persons, our Odessa families also need humanitarian aid.

We began the stock "From hand to hand" and we express gratitude to Irina Kilimnik for the transferred kidswear which was provided to socially unprotected families from Odessa, as they say "at once from hand to hand".

If in your family there are things which you are ready to share with others, we with pleasure will give them to those people who need them.

November 2015
Action "Gifts to children - to orphans on the date of the Prayer for orphans"

On the eve of All-Ukrainian day of a prayer for orphans representatives of different faiths, representatives of the city and regional authorities gathered at a monument to Duc de Richelieu in Odessa. Together they said a prayer about protection and wellbeing for all unfortunate children and about the Grace of God for those who bring up them in the families.

OO "The Family Right Educational Club "Odesssky Dream" and Volunteers of Odessa Also Came to Pray to Duke for Pupils of Boarding Schools and to Present to Children " Guardian Angels" which could protect them.

We thank not indifferent Inhabitants of Odessa for your heart of gold and unindifference. Life is too dangerous that children alone traveled around it. All of us understand it, and all of us regret that in the world there are children who have no a number of the loving and careful family. We say that God cares for orphans especially and also that we adults - his hands on the earth. You are Alexey Tishchenko and your team, Pavel Vugelman, Kakha Getia, Marina Izosimova, Elena Marchenko, Natalia Dvornikova became God's hands and helped to make to children a holiday and pleasure.

We believe that, thanks to prayers and actions of the public in Ukraine, each child will be able to find the loving family for what we also pray.

August 2015
The Help to Children Immigrants from Large Families to School

Today one of the most essential problems - to bring together children to school!
With OO "Odessa Dream" there began an action for large families "Preparation for school - pleasant trifles": stationery & detergents.
Children came to get legal consultation with the grandmother also were pleasantly surprised with the help in a type of gifts from our partners of representatives of AVON & FABERLIC firm.
We thank our partners and Elena Marchenko for the organization of an action, so important for children.

April 2014
Charity Easter concert

In days of celebration of Light Revival at Academician Glushko Square an annual traditional children's Easter concert which takes place with assistance of the Kiev district administration for the purpose of spiritual and moral education of children on the basis of orthodox traditions took place