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The followig projects and shares have been realized with assistance of numerous volunteers and not indifferent people

December 2016
- New Year Presents

 Today a team of volunteers and representatives of NGO "Odessa Dream" made wonders.

We brought gifts to kiddies  of semen's families from the Crimea(immigrants).
Every girl got extra gift - a beautiful Christmas hoop from  tree.
We also  gave  to Musical Comedy Theatre  tickets to the show at 4.01.
The  last gifts were for guys from the hospital.
Thank you to all Wizards:
Alexey Tishchenko & Universal Aid for Children for gifts
Marina Izosimov for providing tickets.
Irina Kilimnik for exclusive handmade hoops for girls.
We wish all children good holidays and more miracle in your life!
- Humanitarian Aid

    Traditionally each month we compile a list of needs of people who are turning to us for help.

    One of the forms of assistance is food parcels to displaced families with children who find themselves in difficult circumstances. Low-income families in a difficult situation; single mothers; families with disabled children; large families - NGO "Odessa Dream" can help with the support of Universal Aid for Children of Ukraine.
We are grateful Alexey Tischenko & Universal Aid for Children of Ukraine for the opportunity to help.
     According to the result of a survey among the recipients of humanitarian aid in food packages we put cereals, oil, noodles, cookies, tea, honey as the most popular products.
In addition, all sets are included with the box of candy for the kids for the holidays.
- Assistance of old people on holidays' days

    This week NGO " Odessa Dream supported the initiative of  Charity Fund "Assol "and we have come together to congratulate veterans of fleet with the upcoming New Year holidays. We also organized for veterans " sweet "table.
    We wish good health to veterans, courage and long life in harsh time.
    We always ready to support them and make a miracle, not only during the holidays!

- Angels of Kindness....

       Women of Odessa  have always been known for its kindness. Entering a house in Odessa guests are always fed. Having visited the center of "Naiada", we learned about the campaign for the feast of St. Nicholas for the children from the center of social and psychological rehabilitation of the Odessa City Council of Odessa region.
      The center is designed for children from 3 to 18 years. This is the house for "street children" - homeless or run away from their parents, the orphans and those children who have parents, but that's the last reason is not particularly worried about their children.
       NGO "Odessa Dream" joined the gifts for the holiday week and on St.Nichola's Day we gave the children tangerines, detergents, clothes.
       If you want something to help, dial us, and we can combine your efforts with the same good people like YOU, thus strengthening our good intentions.

October 2016
- The Action "From Hand to Hand"

 The Action " From Hand toHand"

We continue to help:
everything you need from hand to hand!
The children are grateful adults by  their masterpices-pictures.
Thank them for their sincerity.
A good magician  Alexey Tischenko - thanks for a kind heart and a  sensitive soul.
- Autumn Holiday

 Last Sunday, the NGO "Odessa Dream" together with the representative of Universal Aid for Children held a festival dedicated to the most beautiful time of year - autumn. At the festival sounded poems, riddles. Games and the contest of autumn pictures also took place. Every young poet got a chocolate medal. A table with treats: apples, bananas, grapes, candies, cookies, juice was organized.at the end of the holiday for children of refugees who live in the centre for families in hard life situations.

     The aim of the festival was to deepen the children's knowledge about the basic signs of autumn, to promote skills development of creative abilities of children develop a sense of kindness and try to give chance to forhet about war and hard situation in Ukraine and in their life.
September 2016
- The Action of assistance to families with children

 At the end of July NGO "Odessa Dream" appealed to partners to support the action of assistance to families with children  by medicine and diapers.

Our proposal has been considered and supported. The first families with children have already begun to receive assistance in August.
September was a continuation of our cooperation.
We are grateful  Universal Aid for Children of Ukraine and Alexey Tischenko for their help and cooperation.
August 2016
- Charity concert "Oh, Odessa, Pearl of the sea".

NGO "Odessa Dream" took part in a charity concert "Oh, Odessa, Pearl of the sea", organized by the Odessa Regional Organization of Disabled NGO "DISABILITIES OF HOPE TO THE FUTURE".

July 2016
- Help for children from boarding schools.

Yesterday Charity Foundation "Good Samaritan" and Charity Foundation  "New Hope" visited children from the boarding school and brought with pleasure for them, things from the NGO "Odessa Dream".

- "Family Day" with the Charity Foundation "Good Samaritan".

Concerned Odessa people, volunteers, NGO and foundations - is one big family, consisting of different people, but living in the same house - Odessa. Charity foundation "The Good Samaritan" were the masters, well, my friends and I - partners, associates in the organization of such a wonderful holiday. They brought food, discussed the future and plans for the future. Together we can make the dream come true of children!

June 2016
- Third All-Ukrainian Forum for the Protection of Children's Rights.

Summing up the results of the Third All-Ukrainian Forum for the Protection of Children's Rights, which was held on the initiative of "Alliance for Children's Rights Protection", where the head of the NGO "Odessa Dream" Fyut G.V. take a membership as moderator of the section of “Social and legal protection of children and families with children”. The section had been raised very important matters of social benefits for families with children. There were presentations on the existing benefits for families with children in Odessa and Odessa region. The question of informing families about the benefits of very urgent. The section was attended by representatives of the Department of Social Policy and Health Regional State Administration Curve TV, Kuchinskaya J.S. - first deputy director of the Department of Labor and Social Policy of the Odessa City Council, representatives of public organizations:

NGO "People with disabilities Hope for the future" - the head of Lutz O.N.

Foundation "Good Samaritan" - the head of Serdichenko D.

NGO "April 10"

NGO "Peresypchanka" - Abramova N.N.,

leading lawyers of Odessa - Ishchenko A.V., Tischenko A.I. Golovko V.Y..

Representatives of Children's Affairs Service for Primorsky and Kiev regions

representative of the Department of Education - Dzhelilova M.A..

The discussion was very active and productive.

First there was a common part, where we presented our questions and talked with representatives of the departments and the public. Further, in the sections, we just worked on the program, exchange opinions, make suggestions and signed the resolution.

- Week of Dreams.

With the support of the NGO "10 Kvіtnya" and UNHCR, NGO "Odessa Dream" carries out the project "Week of Dreams."  Our volunteers, psychologists and teachers spend with the children of immigrants developmental English classes, study sessions on information technology, educational sessions on hand-made from 13 to 26 June. Our project is aimed at children unification problem that they were busy. In summer, their parents work and can not pay them much attention they require. Therefore, our project will solve the problem of attracting children in their spare time in a sanatorium "Senetatya" and "Kuyalnik". Kids will interact and develop on interesting classes of our project. Know-how of the project is that the material seen on the big screen with a computer and projector, the guys will be able to consolidate the already further in developing the works and drawings. Also, with the support of the organization and Alexey Tishenko Universal Aid for Children for Ukraine children are provided refreshments - juices, candies, cookies, prizes.

March 2016
- Carrying out action "Maslenitsa" on Seaside the Boulevard within the Weeks of Good Deeds of 2016 project together with OO "Nadezhda's Disabled People in the Future"

 Within the WEEKS of GOOD DEEDS project, the Public organization "Family Right Educational Club " ODESSA DREAM" and the Odessa Regional Organization of Disabled people of OO "NADEZHDA'S DISABLED PEOPLE IN the FUTURE" organized the holiday "MASLENITSA", a charity concert, an exhibition of creative works of people with disabilities, entertainments for dear visitors. 2000 people to whom the huge positive, good mood and a set of smiles was presented took part in action.

We thank our partners and patrons who support our projects and help to help:

- HILLEL for support in the organization of a holiday and the equipment

- LLC Smarti Femili, "Antoshka" and Tatyana Sotskaya - for tasty pyureshka for kids and gifts for children

- Alexey Tishchenko and its partners for the provided souvenir plates for pancakes and coordination of work with disabled children from Sergeevki and granting transport from Sergeevki to Odessa

- To Dzhelilov Meryem Aliyevnu for coordination of work with college

- College of economy, right and gotelny business:

VHP-11, VHP-12 group and teachers Mishchenko Svetlana Nikolaevna and Peringu Alla Pavlovna - for your work in preparation of the most tasty pancakes

- LLC Sandora for the provided juice

- Alina Tirnovenko for the help in the organization of children from the social and unprotected families and a photo support

- To Alain Nikolayenko for the help in the organization for a holiday of children from large families

- Irina Breus for the help in registration of a holiday

- Denis Tanev for development of original diplomas, the help in the organization of a holiday

- LLC Sklad Uma for polygraphy

- and of course Luts Olga Nikolaevna for the fine organization of action, half-heartedly and Olga Nikolaevna's energy could not be such remarkable atmosphere of a holiday!!!!!!!!!

February 2016
- Work with the deputy commission of the city and area in the solution of social problems

For February together with the deputy commission on social protection and health care of the Odessa regional council, an asset of Alliance on protection of the rights of children huge work on analytics and introduction of offers on change of the Zakhist That Turbota program was carried out.

We thank Irina Markevich for recommendations and councils in work on program analytics.

We express gratitude of the deputy commission on social protection and health care of the Odessa regional council that hear the public and are ready to consider offers.

Special gratitude to an asset of Alliance on protection of the rights of children for collaboration, efficiency and analytics of the program.

- Participation in the social project "Weeks of Good Deeds of 2016" carried out by the Jewish Youth Organization "Gilel"

Today in the Big hall of the Odessa City council there took place the solemn press conference devoted to opening of the Weeks of Good Deeds project-2016

This year OO "Odessa Dream" joined the project.

We thank HILLEL ODESSA for the invitation and we will be glad to cooperation, it is the new project, but with reliable old friends!!

It is easy to create good!

January 2016
- An action about issue of free children's permits in improving Odessa regional sanatorium "Small Valley" to mothers the having many children and temporarily displaced persons from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and also needing and needy families

In 20 days of work of January and the beginning of February the public organization "Odessa Dream" continued to do good causes with assistance of our partners and patrons. We thank Alina Tirnovenko for the following the provided 20 permits in sanatorium "SMALL VALLEY" for needy families, families of immigrants, and cadets from sea school. Children at the same time can receive training, develop and communicate.

We appreciate your cooperation!

- Delivery of humanitarian aid in a type of outerwear, bed linen, children's things, footwear and toys to temporarily displaced persons from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and also to mothers having many children, persons in need and needy families and persons.

The public organization "Odessa dream" continues to help socially unprotected segments of the population of Odessa.

In spite of the fact that we actively continue to help temporarily displaced persons, our Odessa families also need humanitarian aid.

We began the stock "From hand to hand" and we express gratitude to Irina Kilimnik for the transferred kidswear which was provided to socially unprotected families from Odessa, as they say "at once from hand to hand".

If in your family there are things which you are ready to share with others, we with pleasure will give them to those people who need them.

November 2015
Action "Gifts to children - to orphans on the date of the Prayer for orphans"

On the eve of All-Ukrainian day of a prayer for orphans representatives of different faiths, representatives of the city and regional authorities gathered at a monument to Duc de Richelieu in Odessa. Together they said a prayer about protection and wellbeing for all unfortunate children and about the Grace of God for those who bring up them in the families.

OO "The Family Right Educational Club "Odesssky Dream" and Volunteers of Odessa Also Came to Pray to Duke for Pupils of Boarding Schools and to Present to Children " Guardian Angels" which could protect them.

We thank not indifferent Inhabitants of Odessa for your heart of gold and unindifference. Life is too dangerous that children alone traveled around it. All of us understand it, and all of us regret that in the world there are children who have no a number of the loving and careful family. We say that God cares for orphans especially and also that we adults - his hands on the earth. You are Alexey Tishchenko and your team, Pavel Vugelman, Kakha Getia, Marina Izosimova, Elena Marchenko, Natalia Dvornikova became God's hands and helped to make to children a holiday and pleasure.

We believe that, thanks to prayers and actions of the public in Ukraine, each child will be able to find the loving family for what we also pray.

August 2015
The Help to Children Immigrants from Large Families to School

Today one of the most essential problems - to bring together children to school!
With OO "Odessa Dream" there began an action for large families "Preparation for school - pleasant trifles": stationery & detergents.
Children came to get legal consultation with the grandmother also were pleasantly surprised with the help in a type of gifts from our partners of representatives of AVON & FABERLIC firm.
We thank our partners and Elena Marchenko for the organization of an action, so important for children.

April 2014
Charity Easter concert

In days of celebration of Light Revival at Academician Glushko Square an annual traditional children's Easter concert which takes place with assistance of the Kiev district administration for the purpose of spiritual and moral education of children on the basis of orthodox traditions took place